How to Play Aviator

Aviator Strategies and Tactics

For many, playing for money can seem like a very risky business. The Internet is full of stories of how a player lost half the pot and didn't win a single cent. However, these are just the stories of those who have taken up gambling and succumbed to greed. Playing in online casinos is no more dangerous than depositing investment funds or playing Forex. One of the most effective platforms for making money from slot machines is the online casino cbet. It has a collection of over 7,000 different games that appeal to a wide variety of players. Aviator is a real hit among the games of late. By following the strategies we recommend, you can increase your income in multiple ways in just a few hours!

Aviator Strategies and Tactics Aviator

How to make money with Aviator

Although the interface may seem simple at first, a wide range of tools are available to analyze the game and create your own winning strategy. At the top of the game window, you can see the odds that have played in previous rounds. A separate tab shows the best performing players from today, last month and even last year. Even if you haven't decided on your betting strategy yet, this data helps you determine who, when and how much you've won recently, how much to bet and what the odds are of winning.

How to make money with Aviator Aviator

Strategy x1.1

The easiest and safest betting strategy at Aviator is to play with the lowest odds. There is a good chance of winning a large amount of money in several rounds. The idea is to automatically withdraw your bet when the odds reach 1.1. Of course, you should not expect a fabulous payout in this case, but with each spin the bet increases by 10%. So, after ten spins, the initial bet will be doubled. The only limitation here is that once in a few spins, the bet may not be played and the money will be burned. The important thing is not to take Lucky Joe at one chance in two. Such odds deliberately appear every half hour to discourage the wary.

Strategy x1.1 Aviator Aviator

To protect yourself from such a loss, you should wait for a few rounds with odds of x1.03, x1.09, wait for 3-4 rounds and only then start betting. With odds of 1.1, you should not place more than 2 or 3 bets in a row. With the simplest arithmetic, with a deposit of 25,000 and betting only 10% of it, the daily win could be 1750 rubles per day. That's just over 50,000 per month.

Playing range

Aviator rules allow two bets per round, which means that each player has twice the chance to succeed. With this strategy, we will apply exactly two bets. The essence of the strategy is to place the first bet of both bets so that you don't come up short.

Playing range Aviator Aviator

This strategy requires your full attention. The key is to wait for the moment when the game starts the high probability rounds. At this point we make two bets. For the first one, we place an automatic draw at x2.0 odds, and the second one closes by itself waiting for x4-x5 odds. Even if you are unlucky and Lucky Joe takes off early, the first bet placed on auto will cover your loss.

The 3-to-1 strategy

This is another successful strategy based on two different bets. It is suitable in cases where bets with odds of x5 to x10 do not run out for a long time. The essence of the strategy is to take the highest bet with a low bet, and with the lowest bet try to take the jackpot. For example, in the case of two bets of 100 and 300 rubles, the second will be a safety bet. It will be played with a probability of 85% at odds of 1.4. That is, after betting 300 rubles on the withdrawal of the car, you will win 420 rubles. It turns out that even if the second bet is not played, you will still be in the black.

The 3-to-1 strategy Aviator Aviator

Down the ladder strategy

This game strategy is suitable for players with a low balance. Statistically, it works when a small number of players are playing at Aviator. The unique thing about this strategy is that each time you increase the bet and decrease the payout ratio. Let's say that after starting with a bet of 200 rubles at odds x2.0, you continue to bet all your winnings at lower odds. Thus, the next bet will already be 400 rubles at odds x1.8. And so on.

If the first bet doesn't work, you can try again, but with two bets of 200 rubles each and odds of x2.0. If you win, you get your previous loss back.The rules of good gambling To avoid losing, there are a few universal rules that apply to all games, whether it's gambling, roulette, poker or slot machines.

A list of rules for healthy gambling:

  • It's important to stop in time. The most important and perhaps most important rule for all successful players is to always play with a cool head. All online casino games are based on the following principle: when the player gets into a state of excitement, he or she loses his or her alertness and starts to make very rash actions. Even the most experienced players will not be able to keep their attention under control for more than an hour. Therefore, never gamble. Understand that you are playing to make money. Be aware of your every move and don't give in to your emotions. Think about the game plan and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Less is more. This is another rule for gambling success. Never bet more than 10% of the amount deposited. Small but frequent winnings guarantee a steady increase in income, while greed and chasing the big money can result in a very large loss. Gambling is good, but in moderation.
  • Follow your goal. Each time before the game, set a goal in the form of a specific amount. Once it is reached, stop the game immediately. Don't follow your emotions. Calm and cool: the best strategy to win money in online games.